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Blog Tour, Excerpt, Review & #Giveaway: ✩Light Her Fire✩ by @SamantheBeck1

He’ll show this good girl the thrill of being bad…

Good girl Melody Merritt is ready to be bad. Fresh out of an unsatisfying ten-year engagement to the town golden boy, she’s determined to make up for lost time. And who better to burn her sterling reputation to the ground than Bluelick’s sinfully sexy new fire chief whose wicked gaze promises complete and utter domination? Yes, please.

Corrupting the prim and proper Little Miss Bluelick is the most action Josh Bradley’s seen since he transferred from Cincinnati to fast-track his career. He won’t let anything or anyone—not even the delectable Melody Merritt—trap him in this Kentucky-fried Mayberry, but when their searing chemistry yields an unexpected result, he realizes he’s started a blaze that's completely beyond his control…
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“Oh, sweet mercy, don’t—”

“Don’t what? Torture you until you think you’re going to die where you stand? How do you think I feel every single time I look at you? When you come into Jiffy Java, fiddle with the top button of your blouse while you decide between an iced coffee or a sweet tea, all I want to do is tear your shirt open, shove your bra out of my way, and feast on your breasts. How do you think I feel when you lean on the bar at Rawley’s, talking to your friends while I drive myself insane wondering what you’ve got on under your good-girl dress? Tortured doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Those diabolical fingers made a circling motion, and Melody’s knees threatened to buckle. “How shameless of me. I’m terribly”—oh, there he went again with the fingers—“sorry.” She wasn’t. Not in the least.

“You will be, because I can’t let behavior like yours go unpunished.”

She closed her eyes and a pathetically small scenario of erotic punishments paraded through her head. Waves of hot and cold washed over her. It was all she could do to find her voice, and keep it even while she asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“When I get you alone the first thing I’m going to do is give you a pillow.”

Uh-oh. She didn’t know the pillow game. “A pillow?” she asked, and immediately wondered if she’d just given Josh a big hint of exactly how tame her sex life had been up until tonight.

“Yeah. Because once I get started, you’ll need something to bury your face in so nobody hears you pleading with me to let you come. Does that answer your question?”

Why yes. Yes it did. So much so, for a moment she could only nod. “A-and then?”

“At that point, I’m going to tongue-whip your clit until you don’t care if the whole fucking town hears you begging. Then, if you ask nicely, I will guide my very eager cock into you”—he rocked his hips again for emphasis, coaxing another moan out of her—“and give us both the relief we’re after. Are you ready, Miss Bluelick?”

4.5 Josh Bradley Can Light My Fire Anytime Stars

You okay?"

"I'm not sure. I think I just had an out-of-body experience."

"That's funny, 'cause I just had an in-your-body experience."
Now where do I find me a dirty talking Fire Chief to put it out? Because I know the dirty talking Fire Chief that caused the fire to begin with. Josh Bradley. Pervy dreamy sigh But I digress...

If you're looking for a sexy romance that will make you laugh, make you pant, and make you swoon, you need not look further than THIS book. I had a goofy smile on my face the entire time reading it...well, except for those times that I was having the uncomfortable hot flashes and happy place tingles. And LAWD did Josh make my happy place tingle. The dirty talking delicious man that he was.
At that point, I'm going to tongue-whip your clit until you don't care if the whole fucking town hears you begging. Then, if you ask nicely, I will guide my very eager cock into you-" he rocked his hips again for emphasis, coaxing another moan out of her-"and give us both the relief we're after. Are you ready, Miss Bluelick?""
Well I don't know about Melody...but as for me?
Melody Merritt is a good girl. A good girl that has been with her highschool sweetheart for 10 years, was engaged and planning their lives together...until said sweetheart confessed he's gay.
It's true. And the worst part about it? Her ex is still one of her best friends and isn't ready to come out to the entire town, so she covers for him by allowing everyone to think that it didn't work out because his sexual flavors were a touch too spicy for the good girl. But Melody is tired of being good. She wants a taste of being bad is like, and she wants it with a man that sizzles with passion for her. And why not let that be her town's newest fire chief, Josh? If going by the sizzling looks he sends her, she's pretty sure his mind is in the same gutter that hers is currently in.
The looks he sent her warned there would be no respectful wooing- only a short, ruthless chase, her inevitable surrender, and then...please God...complete and utter domination.
Josh, Josh, Josh. What can I tell you about Josh? The man was HOT. Scorching hot.

He's been lusting after proper Miss Bluelick since he first laid eyes on her. He just didn't think that Melody could handle his, shall we say, rougher edges? Josh likes things hot, hard, and dirty in the bedroom. So color him surprised when he finds out the town's good girl doesn't flinch away when he lets out that side of himself.
I can't help it. I'm dying. You have no idea."
"I do. I know exactly what you're going through, and I have the cure right here. You think you're ready for my cock? Ask nicely, and I'll give you everything you need. I'll fill you so completely you won't remember what it's like to feel restless and empty.
Everything that came out of this man's mouth was just...GAH

But it wasn't just sizzling hot chemistry and dirty talk. There was also a great story filled with humor that kept me smiling the entire time. I don't think I have one bad thing to say about this book. I loved the romance between Melody and Josh. Even though things start off pretty spicy with them straight off the bat, it never lessens their chemistry. Samanthe Beck still managed to instill just the right amount of sexual tension into the book to keep you satisfied.

I went into this book without having read the first one in the series (which I was told the main couple was originally introduced in), but I never felt loss. I will, however, be going back and reading that book now because...well why the hell not? I love Samanthe's writing and I also liked the follow up to the characters from the previous book. I'm also grateful that there were no spoilers of their relationship, so I can go back and read it without feeling like I know something I shouldn't. Now I'm really looking forward for more from this series and this fabulous author.
Wine lover, sleep fanatic, and USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy contemporary romance novels, Samanthe Beck lives in Malibu, California, with her long-suffering but extremely adorable husband and their elementary-aged turbo-son. Throw in a furry ninja named Kitty and Bebe the trash talking Chihuahua and you get the whole, chaotic picture.

When not clinging to sanity by her fingernails or dreaming up fun, fan-your-cheeks sexy ways to get her characters to happily-ever-afters, she searches for the perfect cabernet to pair with Ambien.

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Pre-Oder Tour, Excerpt & Review: ✩The Darkest Touch ✩ by @genashowalter

From New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter comes the long-awaited story of Torin, the most dangerous Lord of the Underworld yet…

Fierce immortal warrior. Host to the demon of Disease. Torin’s every touch causes sickness and death—and a worldwide plague. Carnal pleasure is utterly forbidden, and though he has always overcome temptation with an iron will, his control is about to shatter.

She is Keeley Cael. The Red Queen. When the powerful beauty with shocking vulnerabilities escapes from a centuries-long imprisonment, the desire that simmers between her and Torin is scorching. His touch could mean
the end for her, but resisting her is the hardest battle he’s ever fought—and the only battle he fears he can’t win.

Did you know?

If we reach 15,000 pre-orders for The Darkest Touch before the November 25th release date, Gena Showalter will:
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  • Select one winner for a Swarovksi Two-Tone Crystal Butterfly Pendant Necklace 
  • Select winners for 1 of 10 signed posters of the Darkest Touch cover, just in time for Christmas.

To enter The Darkest Touch Pre-Order Campaign, visit http://members. darkest-touch for details. 

They would be a couple, she decided. Touch— pleasure—had been denied her for far too long. A fact his presence had never allowed her to forget. He’d had other girlfriends so he knew how to handle a romantic relationship. They could do this, could make this work. And they would be vigilant, cautious, never courting danger.

All she had to do was get him to agree.

There was no better time to try. “I’m dirty,” she announced. “Absolutely filthy, and I’m going to take a bath.”

“Good for you.” So mocking.

So unaware of his coming fall.

“Be a dear and help me remove my dress,” she said. 

A strangled sound left him. “It has no ties, no zipper. You tug it on and off.”

“Well, good news, then. As strong as you are, you  shouldn't  have any problems.”

His gaze swept over her and heated. He licked his lips, as if he could already taste her. “What game are you playing, princess?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes. And why the hell are you looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m a hero. I’m not a hero. I ’m a villain.”

Did he not realize that only made her want him more? “Well, be a good little villain and help me out of my dress.

“No.” His tone dovetailed into guttural as he added, “I’m not going near you.”

He’s definitely tempted. How thin was his control? “Very well. I’ll near you.” Hips swaying, she closed

The distance between them. She reached out.

He jerked away only to return—closer.

She wrapped her fingers around his wrists and guided his hands to her hips.

He resisted. At first.

“Relax, warrior. We’re protected by our clothes.”

His fingers clenched around her and held on tight. Did he think she would float away like a forgotten balloon?

“What’s…next?” he gritted.

Not exactly surrender, but close enough.

She leaned forward, careful as her breath fanned over his ear. “All you need to do is feel good.”

“I can do that.” He tugged her against him. Suddenly they were flush, the softest parts of her cradling the hardest parts of him. A growl rose from low in his chest as if, in this stolen moment, he’d regressed into little more than an animal.“I’m doing it right now.” 

The pleasure…thoughts of being careful evaporated like mist. “Would you like to do more?”

“More. Yes.” His lips parted as he fought for breath. Eyes glazing with a wildness he’d never seen from any- one other than condemned prisoners, he squeezed her hard enough to bruise. “I’m going to take more, and you’re going to like it.”

5 Worth The Wait Stars

To be denied forever what I crave most...
YEARS. Years, I've been waiting for Torin's book. I've been sitting in anxious anticipation from book one just waiting to get his story. But see, here's the the past year, I've also been dreading it a little too. Why? Because the last few releases from this author have left something to be desired for me. They just haven't quite been the same, with that signature Gena spark missing. So I was extremely nervous that one of my most anticipated books EVER just may turn out to be the biggest disappointment. And you know what? I shouldn't have been worried. Gena has officially got her awesome back with this book. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING that I have loved about her books in the past; the snark, the humor, the sexy romance, all of it is back here.
Just so you know, I've eaten warriors like you for breakfast."
"Well, did you spit or swallow? Never mind. Don't answer. Your sexual kinkiness has no bearing on this situation. I'd appreciate it if you focus."
After escaping Cronus's prison, Torin is attempting to find his way back...but he's not alone. Following him and intent on exacting her revenge for her fallen friend is his previous prison neighbor, Keeley Cael. The Red Queen.

Now let's stop for a minute here and talk about Keeley. I think I just may have found my favorite heroine in the series after Anya. Spoiler alert: she's freaking AWESOME! Wow. I just knew that the woman to bring down the big, bad and reclusive warrior will have to be fierce, and holy hell but she was.
She also just happens to be possibly the most powerful heroine in the series. Period. But that wasn't even my favorite part of the book. Nope. My favorite part was the banter between her and Torin. Keeley is determined to get vengeance. Having been betrayed by pretty much every man in her life, including her father, she doesn't exactly trust easily. But yet...something about Torin calls to her, almost soothes her. Or maybe it's just his fabulous ass?
I'm going to do it. I'm going to hit you with a blast of power, and you're going to writhe in the worst pain of your life. Nothing will ease you."
"Great." Then, when she hesitated, he had the gall to add, "I'm waiting."
"You should be running."
"Why? Do you want to stare at my ass?"
Torin was everything I thought he would be and then more, in his own book. Throughout the series, you don't get to see Torin in action too much. Due to the demon he carries, he limits his exposure to others as much as possible, and you'd typically find him behind a computer screen. So I was so happy to get that fierce side of Torin the warrior in this book. Well that and his humor and snark, because let's be honest, what's a Gena Showalter book without that, right?

Now I bet you're all sitting there and wondering the same thing I have been wondering; how in the hell is Gena going to give Torin his HEA if he can't touch anyone without his demon infecting them with a fatal disease? Is the book going to be completely sexless? Are they going to dream-diddle each other? Do they talkthrough masturbate? WHAT?
What? Was it just me then? Right. Carrying on. Well worry not, because this book was definitely sexy in its own right. The sexual chemistry between Torin and Keeley alone burned up the pages. But Gena definitely throws plenty of satisfying scenes your way too... of the sexy-time variety ;)

How does that happen without Torin making Keeley sick and killing her? Guess you'll just have to read and find out.

I promise that between the seriously laugh out loud banter
My inability to rile you is maddening."
"I'll yell at you if it'll make you feel better."
That perked her up, saying, "That would be extremely helpful, thank you."
"How dare you bare your arms in public! You're damn right it makes you a tease. It gives a man ideas. Makes him think you're good at carrying heavy boxes- which just happens to be HIS job! It's humiliating is what it is."
And all the side characters; you will not be bored for a minute of the book. The secondary story here was absolutely amazing. (I won't tell you who it was, but I can tell you that I am now utterly DYING for their book because OMG that plot twist)

Did I happen to mention that we get a lot more of Baden here too? YES

So in short, was this book everything I had hoped it would be? Hell no! It was better! What used to be one of my favorite PNR series is now right back to my auto-buy list and I cannot wait for the next installment.

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

Gena Showalter is a New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author whose books have appeared in Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines, as well as Entertainment Weekly. Her novel Red Handed has been optioned by Sony Television. Critics have called her books “sizzling page-turners” and “utterly spellbinding stories,” while Showalter herself has been called “a star on the rise.” Her mix of humor, danger and wickedly hot sex provides wildly sensual page-turners sure to enthrall.
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Cover Reveal & #Giveaway: ✩Where I Belong✩ by @JDanielsbooks

Title: All I Want
Series: Alabama Summer #2
Author: J Daniels
Cover Design: Cover It Designs
Release Date: November 24, 2014

Luke Evans is a heartbreaker.

I didn’t want to give mine to him. Not when he kept
me out.

He gave me enough, just enough to make me fall in
love with him. I say this to convince myself. But I know the truth.

I would’ve fallen in love with him at a distance.

Handing my heart over to Luke was the easiest thing
I’ve ever done. I was naive when I wished for more, when I hoped he wanted the
same things I did.

I try to hate him. I try to forget him.

But it’s not that easy.

Love is a ruthless bitch, and I’m her latest victim.
Tessa Kelly is a man-eater.

When she sets her sights on you, she doesn’t just
consume your heart, she goes for your soul.
What we had was perfect, real, and all I would ever

But she destroyed it.

She destroyed us.

I try to hate her. I try to forget her.

But it’s not that easy.

Love is for people who have hope, and I have none.

Available Now

#1 Where I Belong

J. Daniels was born and raised in Maryland.

After putting her kids to bed, she escapes into her cheeky world where some of her characters kiss, and some of them do a lot more than kiss.

She is an avid reader and enjoys everything from unconventional romance to fantasy novels.

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